No Telos:

A methodology of deceleration that encompasses the slow journey of process; pausing to look, pausing to listen, of interpretation, of reframing, and of slow pedagogy. The No Telos project is informed by approaches to participation that are around collective making by consensus. No Telos are communal gatherings, dialogues, enquiries, actions, readings within curated spaces and the sharing of time through convivial investigations.

Documentation of participation and cataloguing of approaches are part of my current research methodologies. No Telos allows for trying out digital systems of documentation in the form of field notes. The project presents a testing ground for a research assistant to posit themselves as sociocultural anthropologist; to observe questions raised, how actions are instigated, how objects / spaces are activated and ideas formulated, that in turn generate active listening and active making. By mapping these modes of collaboration, exploring and recording the production of art and educational trajectories I may identify new nodes to add to my research. Additionally I would like to explore the concept of slow education, to reframe and retime (historical) educational events.