Specification : Bauhaus and Braziers not as history but as models of possibility


Paul Klee

Bauhaus programme

Day 42

30th September 2016

17.36 Marxism in Culture Seminar;

Wolfson Room, Institute of Historical Studies, University of London. Discussion of ‘arts’ political economy on the occasion of Dave Beech’s new publication Art and Value’. Panel Dave Beech, Pete Green and Marina Vishmidt.


Basement Room, through a barrier; uniformed, headphones, security guide on right – left down two flights of stairs, through double doors, corridor, double doors room 1921.


First part – individual responses by panel to themes in the publication. Second part group discussion and continuum of ‘what constitutes cultural, political, economy of art if we place art within the context of exceptionality? ‘ What is the relationship between art and capital? Is art separated from capital? Who separates art from capital? Third part open to questions from the audience. Who’s in charge of the control of labour? Ref. Michael Baxendale; Arts relation to production and Arts relation to capital – Intellectual copyright, with discussion on film / moving image and the ironies of restricting reproducibility; ref. Benjamin; the contemporary ontology of art as capital enterprise. Models of economy and the aesthetics, ref David Hawkes – Shakespeare Economic Theory. Does art promote the kind of contentiousness in the working class Marxist context? (single reference to class, which was interesting in itself ). What does art do with its exceptionalism? Some art falls within a taxonomy of Merit Goods ( non economic/non rational), has positive externalities in that society at large benefits / Employers benefit.