Specification : a0.07


Normative history in order to understand and react; identifying and illuminating these histories. Produce a survey (mapping curriculum DNA/sites/location + landscape/social geographies and legacies). Revisit aspects of the literature review.

Day 07

12th July 2016, 10.17


EC/DM/LM 1:12:40

Second supervision. Preparation includes the placement of three slate grey injection moulded polypropylene chairs, produced May 2008.


Mezzanine 015

A wall.

14.06 Afternoon participating in the collaborative film workshop. Assisted KF in sound piece in white zone car park lift No3 at Victoria Centre.


Moving beyond the literature review.

What is working? What is not?




Subjects Discussed:

Including activities during SL.

      Introduction. Outline of literature review.

      Consider repositioning of the Summer Lodge as a part of the research/Case Study; Institutional legacies within SL.

      Research based teaching within the research project.

     Flagging the wider fields of reference, identifying and illuminating these issues.

      What is the important piece questions at this stage? questions emerged/ how did iterations develop/ transitions performance writings/connections to philosophical framework; culture, society, politics/level of reflection and bringing together these raw materials. Context and investigative and reflective now need to move beyond collecting it. This in turn will assist in formulating the question.

What is working? What is not?

What is this methodology?

Map out similarities within the six cases studies through interrogation of physical space that the institutions exist within. Bring in the architectural dimension

Explore the embedded curriculum of the Summer Lodge . Forward CS research questionnaire on SL experience/procedure/findings/outcome/purpose

Expand Research based teaching within the research project.

The architecture of education the failed education model. The restrictions of the curriculum

Words as a process for linking or exploring the borders of architecture and education.

Explore site- based education, the Bauhaus as architectural site, Braziers as residential site/individual or collective education.

1 initiatork

Recommendations made:

      Questioning facts and procedures. On a regular basis with intellectual rigour. What are the questions that are arising now?

     Consider edges political, social position, ethos, privilege; Looking at the development of work in the uncomfortable environments, Through the online reflective journal start to reflect on methodology in order to consider intertextual / architectural approaches and diverse points of departure: SLICING THROUGH the legacies of a Curriculum the Bauhaus, Black Mountain College / the legacies of Expressive Curriculum – Kibbo Kiff and Braziers.