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Paul Sacrusier 1864-1927 French theorist, teacher, painter
Sacrusier claimed that It is evident that craft knowledge has been replaced in many curricula by theoretical and historical knowledge (Singerman, 1999) Art Subjects: Making Artists in the American University by Howard Singerman (1999-03-31)

Day 02 5th July 2016
Walking through Corporation Oaks, NG3, views of Cooling Towers: Ratcliffe-on-Soar, 1968, Junction 24 M1 seen close up Monday 11th July 10.41  the Wild as sublime.

Mezzanine 015
A circular corridic space, slightly exposed to the elements (Columbidae) windows not to be opened too ajar, there is a rationale (DM presents this). I find a feather when I am closing the window.
Upper Gallery adjacent to the fish bowl and above/below some natural light; glass skylight and part side-walls for daylight purposing, yet dark today.

Build an Archive
Interrogate formal languages [Manufactured boards, dowel, willow, 150mm high textile cones, matt emulsion

Formal/informal exchanges




Exploring formal language

A Mezzanine

A Corridic Space

Building an archive

Start 08.30; joined breathing class to meet other Lodgers. Introduce pulsating hands as one of the warm up exercises, positive responses to this exercise no one has encountered this before. MW mentions Bauhaus Mazdaznan as a philosophy. Whittlesea, I. (2012) Mazdaznan Health & Breath Culture: First Six Exercises, London: Open Source

Johannes Itten persuaded Walter Gropius to institute a six-month probationary course (soon extended to a year) in which students would be purged of their pre-conceived ideas and inculcated with the fundamentals of colour and form. Since Itten selected the students, he effectively controlled the entire Bauhaus intake. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/4718321/Battle-for-the-heart-of-the-Bauhaus.html and Ian Whittlesea

Contained indoor galleria space.

Found objects sourced from 1 box in basement area 9 recycled card textile cones, 1 black plastic cone. 4 slip cast porcelain containers given to me by the ceramics/glass technician. Part used tin of Crown grey matt emulsion. White plastic tubing I intervene – made to look like copper and distressed with glass paper, reeds whittled.

Testing Site

What is the corridic space?

What is a gallery v galleria? The Concourse.

What is the archive and where can this be presented?

Conclusion to be addressed:

  • Exploring through making the historicallegacies of a fine art curriculum and development of associated language, syntax and contexts.

11.18 Interrogate further exercise, health, eating, and the relationship to leadership/hierarchy in the Bauhaus/Braziers/Kibbo Kift researches