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45 Remarks on Colour; one must always be prepared to learn something totally new. The Wittgenstein House
On a very hot day in August 2005 I took my partner to see the outside of the Cultural department
of the Bulgarian Embassy [Parkgasse 18 1030, Wien] – we walked uphill for over an hour in the blazing sun.

Turnovsky, J. (2011) The Poetics of a Wall Projection, Architecture Words 3, London: Architectural Association

Day 01

4th July 2016 – 06.55 train to Nottingham. Introductions. Some interest and some non – interest.

A large double wall space, one high wall opposite one low wall; an arcade with natural light.

Inhabit the white space.
The Wall as a Teaching Tool




Entering new creative spaces. A first time having a large wall space on which to work.
A corridor, a gallery area, a big white empty wall. I have often provided such spaces to students and have exhibited work in gallery spaces similar to this but never had a large white space of my own – in which to work.

Start 14.00 placing A4 white pre-printed sheets of questions to the wall using masking tape, in attempt to start to eradicate some of the white vastness, overlaying white emulsion boards with more white vastness. Twenty one sheets are adhered to the large wall. Tripod erected as an additional prop.

Contained indoor galleria space.

21 x A4 white 80gsm photocopy paper sheets of questions, (12 point, Calibri).

1 Masking tape

Hama tripod

1 initiator

Testing Site

What is a wall?

What is a wall in an educational context? How is a wall used? Why in this way?

Why add another layer and stick paper on a wall? What is it about this ordering? Is it purely aesthetic  an exercise in itself?

Who is it for and what is it showing?

Does it conform to the expectations of putting things on a wall why not on a ceiling (if there is a ceiling), or floor. Learning whilst lying down. Does this change the context, expectations.

Conclusion to be addressed: The Wall as a Teaching Tool

00.20 Discussion with myself to move the research along.