Does anti interventionaism lead to self-empowerment?

Performance Action as an Enamicipatory Metaphor for General Artistic Life Processes and Social Processes pp.174-183

Volume 13

Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

Sternberg Press

p.181 Marie Luise Lange

Day: Saturday 23rd July 11.28
A fine mist is lying low over the Gnandenwalt. There will be no alpen walks – too dangerous.

Seated at a well worn veneered desk in the reading room on Taxipalais, Innsbruck. Laptop resting on weighty tome – Neue Menschen, the camera is placed on Dia Art Foundation agenda for a meeting October 1988. I have become an installation and am being observed suspiciously through the glass door. In duality I am acting as gatekeeper and deterrent to anyone else entering. Distant sounds of a brass band somewhere outside running through an Abba medley.

Examining German Language publications that do not have English language equivalents – particularly exhibition catalogues and artists biography.
Note that Manifesta 6 is missing from the bookshelf.
Manifesta 6
Nicosia, Cyprus
September 23 December 17, 2006 Notes for an Art School